Why Mauritius?

The famous American author, Mark Twain said that "Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius".

This must be true since Mauritius is considered to be a dream holiday designation for tourists from all over the world. It is a small island in the Indian Ocean, approximately 1,491 miles on the southeast coast of Africa and lies to the east of Madagascar.

It is situated on the ‘golden triangle ‘connecting Asia, Africa, and Australia. It has an impressive track record, political stability and more than 3 decades of sustained economic growth. It is also a secured investment location with an established rule of law and also an investment location with an established rule of law and also an investment-friendly regulatory regime. It has preferential market access to Africa, Europe, and the USA. It has a dual legal system made of common & civil law.

Mauritius Services

The RW team together with Mr. Sunil Bheeroo, a leading Corporate, Commercial lawyer and UK Lawyer with right of audience in Britain can assist with the following services:

  1. Incorporation of business structure & implementation of a project for both domestic & International companies;
  2. Corporate & Secretarial Services to Corporate clients;
  3. Corporate restructuring & insolvency (advice on complex commercial issues); Structuring & drafting of Shareholders Agreement & other incidental corporate services. Structuring & drafting of legal documentation for fund formation & offshore investment;
  4. Litigation with right of the audience up to the Privy Council in the UK;
  5. Dispute Resolution: Arbitration & Mediation;
  6. Intellectual Property & registration of Trademark Patents in Mauritius and within the region & acting as lawful agent;
  7. Investment & Real Estate services to foreigners wishing to reside and work in Mauritius; application of all relevant licences and assistance for the acquisition of property;
  8. Due Diligence & regulatory approvals for mergers, acquisitions & takeovers;
  9. Providing tax advice to domestic, regional and foreign investors on a variety of issues including tax implications of doing business, tax incentives, and double taxation treaty arrangements.
  10. Advice on Projects financing & Global Business activities;
  11. Acting for & on behalf of International Companies.
  12. Debt recovery; [Domestic & International]

More about the Mauritius branch

Sunil Bheeroo is a British qualified Barrister-at-law, with expertise in corporate, finance and investment law as well as an academic and professional vocation in both business management and law.  Sunil’s experience spans across 3 decades and over a variety of corporate and legal fields.  Having trained and initiated a practice in the United Kingdom, he chose to practise further in Mauritius and worked his way to becoming an accomplished and respected lawyer in Mauritius.

Bheeroo Chambers was the stepping stone for a committed and perseverant young lawyer to establish his presence within the legal fraternity of Mauritius. Bheeroo Chambers was established to provide legal services to emerging business and corporate market in Mauritius. Bheeroo Chambers acts for a business and individual clients in corporate, investment and tax matters including litigation.

Mr. Sunil Bheeroo (managing partner) said "our collaboration with RW Attorneys is for us a game-changer.  Our firm is highly respected both domestically (in Mauritius) and internationally.  Bheeroo Chambers is proud to have joined forces with RW Attorneys giving it presence across the African continent. Our Mauritian clients will enjoy access to mining and other investment opportunities in South Africa and across.”