WOZA awards 2019 – Labour Law Lawyer, 1st Runner Up

Congratulations to Faathima Asmall, our Labour Law attorney who has received the 1st runner up WOZA award for Labour Law 2019.


About RW Labour team

Our labour law team consists of Mrs. Faathima Asmall an associate, Mrs. Vicki Mangroo-Lalla and a candidate attorney. The team offers labour and employment law, assisting various public sector clients. The team either initiates disciplinary hearings against senior executives for the Departments or Chairs the disciplinary hearing.

We also assist our public sector clients to legally vet forensic reports which recommend disciplining employees. If the evidence holds merit, we assist our clients to draft charge sheets and initiate the hearing. This involves thoroughly preparing witnesses, request for further particulars, if necessary and holding a pre-arbitration.

We have appeared before various Bargaining Council's and are familiar with the applicable rules, we also appeared in the various CCMA's, and are also familiar with the applicable rules. The team is also familiar with the Public Finance Management Act especially with the sections regulating financial misconduct, the Chief Financial Officer's role and responsibilities, the Executive Authorities roles and responsibilities, and the general responsibilities of senior officials in the entity.

We have also appeared in the Labour Court, and draft applications that fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Labour Court, e.g. Section 145 review applications, interdicts against strikes, Section 189 dismissals, and Section 187 automatically unfair dismissals. We appear ourselves in these various forums and do not brief advocates unless the client instructs us to do so.

In addition to legal advice and representation, we offer training seminars to our public sector clients on the relevant aspects of the PMFA, as well as updates on the Labour Relations Act, so that we and our clients keep abreast of case law and amendments.

Our team prides itself on developing the common law and testing the validity of statutes, where the Labour Relations Act does not give effect to certain constitutional rights. We are currently involved in a matter, where the jurisdiction to discipline employees is being challenged. We are filing papers in the Constitutional Court to seek a declaratory order, to determine whether our clients can discipline their employees out of their code of conduct, and on breach of their contractual obligations.

Our team has vast and in-depth knowledge, as well as experience over all areas of employment law.


About WOZA awards

WOZA awards are presented annually to women lawyers in recognition of their outstanding dedication, achievements, and contribution to the profession, whether it services, legal education, human rights or the pro bono sector.

WOZA awards share, highlight and recognise the challenges women in law face in all areas of lawyering.

WOZA awards will foster a band of innovative and next-generation thought leaders.

WOZA awards will empower, mentor & strengthen women lawyers to aspire higher.