Counterfeit Goods

A Counterfeit Goods Act provides enhanced means for dealing with counterfeit goods, especially at ports of entry to South Africa. The Merchandise Marks Act, 1941 deals with prohibited marks, the marking and covering of merchandise and false trade descriptions and marks.

The Counterfeit Act permits the owner if an intellectual property and any interested party (licensee, importers, exporters, owners, authorised agents/representatives etc.) to institute civil or criminal action against any person or a company which is involved on copying, imitating, counterfeiting and or pirating protected goods and assets. We assist clients with registration of their brand with the Department of Customs and Excise in order for the Department to detain and seize counterfeit goods. Where counterfeits goods are comprehended in market or at the boarder/ Customs control points, we assist our client to lodge a complaint for a search and seizure warrant to be obtained and executed against the suspect or importer. We have counterfeit specialist private investigators that we utilise for investigation.

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